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Module 10 Unit 2 On the radio


Period 1:

Unit One  I hope that you can join us one day.

Step I  Lead-in

1.Show a picture, lead-in the topic of this unit.

2.Play a VOA.

3.Talking. (Talk about listening to the radio.)

Step II  Listening and vocabulary

1.New words learning.

2.Listen to the conversation and answer some easy questions.

Step Ⅲ  Reading

1.Read the conversation .

2.Answer the questions.

3.Read the conversation again in groups.

Step Ⅳ Exercise

Finish EXE.4

Period 2:

Unit Two I remember sitting close to the radio.

Step I  Warming up (Vocabulary)

1. Review period one

  1) Showing some pictures and let the students recall some important words learnt in Period One .

  2) List out some radio programmes by giving moving-pictures.

2. Lead-in some new words by showing different pictures or objects.

   “manager / presenter / voice / article / earphone / microphone / Internet radio / glass / a pair of ”

Step II  Leading-in the paragraph

1.Play Mp3 which is related to the text (a short story of Peter), while playing the information , showing pictures.

2.Try to catch some information by listening to the Mp3.

Step III  Listening to the paragraph

1. Give out some easy questions, let the Ss catch the answers to each question by listening.(can take notes if it’s necessary)

 i.   where was Dick at the beginning of the story?

He was in a radio studio.


ii.Did he enjoy listening to the radio when he was young? How do you know?

Yes, he did. Because he always sat close to the radio and listened to it. 


iii.What did Dick and his friends prepare at junior high school?

They prepared the weekly programmes on the radio.

Step IV  Skimming and Scanning

1.  After reading, tell me two important events happened in the text.

 i  I went to WXBM to find a job in radio.

(from “How old are you?” to “He asked” and from ”OK, come with me” to the end.)

 ii  My great interest in the radio when I was young.

(from “How could I explain?”  to “out of the window”)

2.  And answer me some questions.

 i  Why did Dick ask for jobs in radio station?

 ii  What did Dick do after he went into the radio studio?

Step V  Discussion Time

1.Divide the class into 4 groups with 5 Ss each, every group please discuss and find out some questions to ask in line with the text, they can ask their classmates or the teacher.

   Eg: 1.How old was Dick when he first met the manager?

2.What does “in person” mean?

3.What did he do with his father’s computer? Why?

4.How did he prepare the weather report?

(Give the students some example questions to ask.)

2. Free-asking Time

Students can write down the questions on pieces of paper and ask other groups or their teacher the questions they prepared.

Step VI  Read the text out

1. Read the text out loudly.

Step VII Home-work:

1,Read the text and try to retell it.

2,Finish off workbook P105  Exe5

Period 3:

 Unit Three  Language in use (1)

StepⅠ Practicing

1.Show students the sentences with Object Clause, and practice them.

2.Ask Ss to think over the tense of Object Clause.

Make some sentences.

Step Ⅱ Do some exercises

1. Put the words that Ss have listed in the correct columns.

2. Finish EXE.1

3. Finish EXE.2

Step Ⅲ Have a try(pair work).

Give Ss a topic and an easy example, ask Ss to do it in pairs.

Step Ⅳ Exercises Time

1.Finish EXE. 3&4&5

2.Check the answers.